Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How I organize my walk in closet

Hello girls.. and boys!
Hope you're all great and enjoying the last of summer. I'm not sure if am ready for autumn/winter 
but I wanted to share with you guys how I organize my closet.
I'm one of those people that finds it easier to have everything on show it also helps me keep things organized because I can see everything I want or need.
I'm looking to get a few more stuff for my office I'm currently setting up, once I'm done with the office I will definitely share with you guys.

I hope this post can inspire you guys on some organizing ideas for your own closet.
Have a Fabulous and Blessed week.

Lucia Lolita

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Keep Up With Me On Instagram

Hi Doll's!
Just wanted to pass by and wish you all a great weekend.
I've been working on some stuff for the blog hopefully I'll be able to share with you guys soon but In the meantime 
you can keep up with me through Instagram @luciialolita
As you can see this look is a little sexy and I don't usually post looks like those on the blog but it was a 
Friday Night outfit for a night out we all dress different for a club night right? (embarrassed face) lol

If you have noticed, then the answer is Yes I have gained weight but I also work out with a trainer, 
I will be posting more on my fitness and other stuff soon. Definitely stay tuned :)

Stay Blessed and Fashionable
Lucia Lolita

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Thanks for Baring with me....

Hi Doll's!!
wow its been a long time since I last blogged, a lot happened in the last few months.
Although I'm in a much happier place in my life at the moment I can honestly say that I missed blogging.
Its a bit of shame to come back without an outfit post but I've been playing with my camera lately since I really want to take my photography serious..

Thank you for baring with me while I took some time off blogging, I will get back to everyone/emails as soon as possible. 
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Thanks for passing by and keeping me motivated.

Stay Blessed and Fabulous
Lucia Lolita

Monday, 20 January 2014

Porter Magazine by Net-a-porter.com

Hi everyone. 
I mentioned before that I had some exciting news regarding Net-a-porter.com on one of my previous post.

Net-A-Porter.com  is the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer. Since launching in June 2000, NET-A-PORTER.COM has successfully established itself as a luxury brand.With the  success of their online magazine the Edit which has had a number of celebrities bracing their cover from Miranda Kerr, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba to Kate Moss just to name a few. 
Net-a-porter.com has revealled the name of their print publication, PORTER. The women's fashion magazine of the future. 

-------Porter will launch globally in Spring 2014------

For a chance to win a gift from Net-a-porter.com

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Lucia Lolita

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Miroslava Duma

 Oscar de la Renta for The Outnet

Here's something that got me really excited,  Oscar de la Renta for www.theoutnet.com
 featuring/modeled by my style icon Miroslava Duma.
I have always been a huge fan of Miroslava Duma, the fact that she's petite and making such an impact in the fashion industry really inspires me and she's absolutely gorgeous and can pull off almost anything. 
The collection will arrive on Theoutnet.com on the 17th December 2013.